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Our proposals focus on the creation of a fantastic new neighbourhood designed to complement and enhance its woodland surroundings. The neighbourhood will be a great place where people can live, work and play. The neighbourhood will feature:

  • A new community woodland area, with a new and enhanced network of woodland walks, a repaired and maintained footpath, the creation of a woodland play area and picnic area;
  • A commitment to plant new trees, resulting in no net loss of trees as a result of the wider proposals;
  • An aspiration to plant new trees for every new home delivered where possible;
  • Up to 350 high-quality family and starter homes, as well as those suitable for older people, including affordable homes and self-build plots;
  • A series of public squares throughout the site, providing space for community activities;
  • A community workspace hub, supported by high capacity wireless broadband making this an ideal home working destination;
  • Our scheme will encourage bus use, with a service which will run every 15 minutes and a bus stop located within the site;
  • Children’s play areas, a new tennis court, cycle hire centre for local and wider community use;
  • A new public green for community activities and a retained and enhanced bowling green;
  • A retained wildlife corridor along the River Loxley and a retained millpond;
  • Primary vehicular access from Storrs Bridge Lane and secondary emergency vehicle access from Rowell Lane.

Transforming a derelict site

Our plans will transform this derelict site into a healthy and sociable new community. Set within a picturesque landscaped setting, green infrastructure will run along the village and a wildlife corridor will be retained along the River Loxley, together with retained and enhance woodland.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is at the heart of our proposals. The scheme promotes homeworking with a new community workspace hub supported by high capacity wireless broadband. New pedestrian and cycle connections and green spaces will be provided to improve connectivity across and to the site. The use of public transport will be encouraged through the provision of a new bus which will run every 15 minutes and a bus stop will be located within the site.

Register Your Interest

If you are interested in a new home in the Loxley Valley, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please register your interest below and we will keep you updated as the plans progress.


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