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How will the plans benefit the local community?

A vibrant new neighbourhood

Our development will rejuvenate this underused site and deliver an exciting new neighbourhood where families can live, work and play.

The development will provide many opportunities for residents to enjoy the outdoors and the stunning surroundings. In addition to new children’s play areas, tennis court and a public picnic area, our site will feature a community woodland with a new and enhanced network of woodland walks, a repaired and maintained footpath, the creation of a woodland play area and picnic area.

Providing much-needed new homes in Sheffield

Sheffield, like the rest of the UK, is currently facing a housing crisis. The failure of housing supply to meet the increase in demand has led to a growing gap between salaries and house prices. This has meant large numbers of people have been priced out of the market and are unable to get a foot on the property ladder. Our proposals will transform a disused brownfield site and provide much-needed family homes. 

How will the plans benefit the local economy?

New jobs

The delivery of up to 350 new homes and other amenities will see the creation of jobs during the construction phase. Jobs will also be indirectly created in the supply chain.

An economic boost for the Loxley Valley

An increase in local spend from new residents will deliver an economic boost to shops and businesses in and around the Loxley Valley.

Register Your Interest

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