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Site History

As early as 1882 the site was home to a number of fire clay works. Throughout the 20th century, the Storrs Bridge Fire Brick Works and the Storrs Fire Clay Works expanded their businesses, which were subject to a series of company mergers and acquisitions, until the site was eventually abandoned in the 1990s. Since then, the site has been largely abandoned leaving behind approximately 320,000 sq ft of buildings and structures on the site, all in various stages of decay. Although the site is secure, antisocial behaviour has occurred on site, causing considerable concern and nuisance to the local residents. 

In 2005, previous site owners Bovis Homes drew up proposals for a scheme of 500 homes, but a planning application was never submitted.

Site Location

The site is located at the bottom of Storrs Bridge Lane. Primary vehicular access will be from Storrs Bridge Lane and secondary emergency vehicle access from Rowell Lane.

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